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But finally,the grief goes away and you phase back into the world. If you superimpose their two views, you get this result: But—to repeat what was already said in other ways—what is inconsistency in literature? To subscribe, click here. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.
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Philip K. Dick and the Fake Humans

The convention of the detective story requires that the perpetrator of a crime be found out, while the convention of SF requires rational accounting for events that are quite improbable and even seemingly at odds with logic and experience. Sometimes the dissociating agency consists in chemical substances of the hallucinogenic type—thus in The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch ; sometimes in "cold-sleep technique" as precisely in Ubik ; sometimes as in Now Wait for Last Year in a combination of narcotics and "parallel worlds. Humans today are more homogenous looking than our ancestors. A realistic work of fiction contains a great deal of the first component and very little of the second, as it portrays the real world, which in its own right, that is outside the book, does not constitute any sort of message, but merely exists and flourishes. Sci-fi anthology show has clever ideas, sex and violence. Dick didn't predict a future in which slow-burning TV dramas went on for years at their own glacial rhythm. It is another matter with those who, like Joe Chip, have come close to meeting with a violent end and have regained consciousness imagining that they have escaped death, whereas in fact they are resting in a moratorium.
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Matt Damon stars as a politician who discovers that the many chance events in his life are actually being manipulated by a vast network called The Bureau. Humans today are more homogenous looking than our ancestors. And it is an astonishing power: At the behest of his guiding spirit Thomas, Dick followed up on back royalties his publisher owed him and increased his income by several thousand dollars. On this basis, there is no being — whether mammal, robot, computer, bird, slug, stone, or star — that is excluded from the category of humanity on the basis of its physical nature. The Hood Maker review — will make you want to take a look in the Black Mirror.
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Nor is it possible to hold that such books promulgate the "atomic credo" of belief in the inevitability of a catastrophe which will soon shatter our civilization, since the cataclysm in question amounts to nothing but an excuse for shirking more important creative obligations. The medical profession has learned how to arrest the agony of victims of mortal ailments, but still has no means of curing them. Although the visions eventually vanished, Dick remained fascinated by them. Contemporary systems of psychiatric diagnosis have no problem with a belief in God, Zoroaster, Demeter, or the Moon Goddess. It also has one of the most shocking and vertiginous endings ever written, like Borges on acid.
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