What’s New?

The Sanctuary House received a most unusual (but welcomed) donation from a Central Florida couple, Mr. & Mrs. J. Calle.  The Sanctuary House received a 33-foot RV which is being retro-fitted to house an emergency moble food and clothing bank in service to anyone in need.


The Sanctuary House offers the Joseph C. “Buddy” Sanzeri, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund. The fund is available to any resident who has been living at the Sanctuary House for two or more weeks. The fund provides clothing, educational; and some medical needs to qualified receipients.


Lastly, the staff of the Sanctuary House are proud to announce both the opening of our 7th and final unit; as well as, selection of the final board member, a resident at Sanctuary House, Mr. Luis Alejandro Dorta. Mr. Dorta will be assuming the position of Liason to branches of both local and county government.


Ambiente Magazine, the largest LGBT Hispanic publication online featured the Sanctuary House in one of their recent issues. 



Bowling League, Sanctuary House will be starting it's own bowling league. More info will be coming soon. Stay tuned.


In all the world, the “hump”, or the period where staying sober sinks in, is a line that for most, moves with the situation.  Think of it this way, it’s like a cake mix.  If you leave out even one ingredient, the cake, like sobriety will fall.

Jared’s Recipe for Sobriety:

One pound of determination

2 cups of honesty

and a big handful of willingness to live a different life.

It’s been my experience in the halfway house industry, here at Sanctuary House of S. Florida,  that many people are under the impression that two out of three “ain’t” bad.  WRONG, if items in your life are standing in the way of waking each day with the same determination that keeps us all functioning sober, then they must first be addressed



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