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Such sad state of affairs. There was reportedly some enmity between the two since before. Would a KKK burn his hood? At least seven Christians were torched alive during the riots. The Dajjal will appear in my Ummah and he will stay for forty -- I cannot say whether he meant forty days, forty months or forty years. You have mentioned quite a few people who have been wrongly implicated in these laws but have failed to mention countless cases where Ahmadi's have been convicted, murdered and in several cases imprisoned without trial for many years without a shred of evidence produced against them.
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Tradidi quod et accepi: Catholicism without Compromise

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Trump’s CNN Tweet Appears to Have Originated From Racist, Islamophobic, Misogynist Reddit Troll

And Allah in turn will fulfill their wish and command the angels to put blood on the arrows and return them to earth. Allah's apostle SAWS how quickly will he walk upon the earth? Because anyone caught with a Bible in a country following Sharia Law would get executed. Glad i dont live in usa cr1t - And certainly not something by its very nature that a modern secular county should be dealing with. Officials said over 1, people from Sita village and its surroundings attacked the police station at 8am to take out from the lock-up the man who had been handed over to the police some hours earlier by Memon Masjid area residents while accusing him of setting fire to the Quran. Instead, they attempt to tunnel under it, stopping every evening just short of success, rather than persisting round the clock.
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Rackspace claims credit for shushing Koran-burning 'pastor' • The Register

I like the way you think, faulkner. Section , better known as the Blasphemy Law , deals with religious offences and was meant to prevent religious violence. Sign up to our Newsletters Join our daily or weekly newsletters, subscribe to a specific section or set News alerts Subscribe. He used a hammer to kill him in the presence of other officers and claimed that it was his duty as a Muslim to kill Masih. How many Muslim leaders have you heard denouncing publicly the burning of effigies, bibles, and flags
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The very essence of their "Jesus" is very different from the Son of God, the Saviour of the World - crucified, died, buried, resurrected, ascended. So shutup and do not blame Muslims for what they have no clue about. In Europe the majority of people hate the Catholic oppressors. Muslims chop of heads with swords on TV! What does the 'exceptionally weak' Swedish krona mean for you? You Muslim thugs can dish it out but you weak minded thugs can't take it.
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