Transitional Living:

The Sanctuary House sober living facility offers men in recovery the perfect combination of safety, structure and stability in a professional, community-based, affordable apartment-style environment.

Weekly Random Testing:

The Sanctuary House regularly tests their residents to insure they are healthy and sober, as well as to ensure a drug-free environment.

Food Bank:

The Sanctuary House Food Bank helps provide nourishment for those in need throughout Broward County. Donations are always welcome.

Education and Outreach:

Through classes, speaking engagements and events, the Sanctuary House educates the community on the dangers of addiction and the services available for those in crisis. The Sanctuary House Outreach Program assists in connecting individuals with the proper services they need to solve their particular addiction, health, or housing problem.

Prevention and Intervention:

Working with schools, non-profits, hospitals, businesses, houses of worship; and other organizations, the Sanctuary House provides classes and/or informative materials to assist in preventing new cases of addiction and relapse in the community. Our counselors also work with families to assist in the difficult but sometimes necessary process of intervention.

Case Management:

At the Sanctuary House, we realize that each resident has his own special needs and unique set of circumstances. That is why we assess each case, work closely with local case management professionals to facilitate the necessary treatment plans to assure the appropriate care is provided, refer the resident to any outside sources needed for their recovery, follow-up daily on the resident’s progress and assist in their integration.

Substance Abuse Treatment:

An intensive Substance Abuse Treatment Program is available for those who have received treatment at some point in the past, but have experienced relapse.


Our services help our residents come to terms with their addictions and develop the skills they need to regain control of their lives. Individual and group programs are available.

Medical Services:

The Sanctuary House offers on-site home healthcare services including psychiatric nursing and general health care maintenance. We also work with a number of hospitals and clinics in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties to assist residents with medical needs such as HIV/AIDS, depression, and other mental health issues.

Job Training and Placement:

All Sanctuary House residents have access to on-site computers and instructional classes. Residents who are ready to re-enter the workforce are provided with leads geared to their particular abilities.


Our vans are available to transport residents to medical appointments, support groups and other services, based upon eligibility. Our vans are also loaned to other non-profit groups when available.



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